Available for £15 with lifetime access by clicking on the picture or following the link below. Includes slides
A talk for the wider family & friends of autistic children.

Approx. 1.5 hrs. Includes slides.

This talk was developed following requests from parents to offer something to wider support networks.

 It offers an understanding of autistic ways, needs. 

Throughout I introduce 'top tips' on supporting an autistic child to form positive trusting relationships. 


"It was so powerful and relevant- I felt so emotional throughout. it was immensely thought provoking and the message was delivered so articulately" 




Approx.. 2 hrs. Includes slides & resource pack.

Suitable for parents, carers & educators; particular those delivering ELSA. 


"I attended Jodie's webinar on 'Autism and understanding and supporting expression of emotions' and found it really informative and accessible. Jodie is a straight talker and the content was highly relevant through out. I recommend it for both teachers and parents *****"

Recording approx. 2 hours. Includes slides.


"Great webinar tonight on understanding challenging behaviours, I found this really informative and so glad I’ve listened in!! Jodie you are so knowledgeable and everything you say makes so much sense!! Thanks "

Recording Approx. 1 hr. Includes slides


 "I have just accessed the supporting Autistic children's mental health recording and would highly recommend it! It summed up my daughters experiences and gave lots of ideas on how I can better support her mental health and wellbeing. Thank you!"

45min recording of talking & sharing ideas around supporting sleep onset
A 45min talk around the how we can ease and support our anxious children with the return to school. followed by 20mins of Q&A from the live attendees all of which will be helpful to the listener. Includes slides.
Jodie is joined by Tanya of SEND Family Instincts for 2.5 hrs of discussion around autistic burnout in children and SEND legislation.


 "That session was really fantastic.  I Can’t tell you how much it helped me". 

 "It was such an insightful evening, thank you to you both"

Join Jodie & Tanya Adkins (seND Advocate) in an exploration of what lies beneath for children who are unable to attend school and how legislation & policies can support in accessing education.


"Jodie & Tanya completely validated our experiences  of the last two years as well as providing us with practical advice. Really empowering. "

Jodie has developed an excellent tool that can be used with children to develop self understanding and positively manage energy levels preventing overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety. 

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