Collaborative Work

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Autistic Masking
A short course developed for Dr Pooky

A focus on autistic masking. What is it? How does it present? How can you identify it? Why is supporting a child to un-mask so vital to well-being and enabling access to education? The content of this course will provide the skills needed to make a child who masks feel safe, as well as considering how the whole school ethos can celebrate difference.

Kieran Rose

Autistic Masking; Beyond the basics
A course developed alongside Kieran ; The Autistic Advocate

Kieran and Jodie invite you to explore all things 'autistic masking', with a focus on children and education. with them in the recording of their February 2021 session.

This is the recording of their sold-out February 2021; a semi-structured talk which invited open discussion and questions throughout.

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

On-Demand Webinar now available 

During this one-hour webinar, Autism specialist Jodie Smitten will talk about how the steps that you can take to lead on making your school a more autism-friendly environment. She’ll explore how to help autistic students, what support & training staff need and the Big Questions we should be asking in terms of school-wide policy and strategy. We’d love to build an army of autism champions… if you’d like to join us come along! The session will last about an hour and there will be plenty of opportunity for people to share resources and ask questions. We’ll circulate a certificate of attendance, summary notes and a list of resources in the week following the session.

Follow the link to sign up.

What is underlying when we see behaviours that challenge in autistic children?

What can we do to support the child and reduce the distress they are communicating and support positive communication?

This session will talk through these questions and provide some ‘take aways’ that parents/carers/teachers can put into practice.

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