Privacy Information

The safeguarding and privacy of my service is something that I take very seriously. When using the services I offer, all identifiable information will be stored securely in the following ways. Any information I have for my clients will be protected in the following ways.


What information of yours is kept and how is it stored;

Names, Telephone numbers, addresses, Email addresses, email correspondence and Assessments/reports/plans – stored on an encrypted laptop until the child is 25years old. The laptop is encrypted and password protected.

Telephone numbers and names kept on a mobile phone which is locked with a 6 digit pin number. Kept for the duration that I am working with a family. Deleted after 2 years of last contact made on a mobile phone.

Facebook page messages and correspondence between myself and you, the client are kept on a 6 digit pin coded mobile phone for a total of 5 years from last contact.



While out working any notes will be kept on my person or in a locked car, as will my laptop if I was ever to take it out.


Sharing of information

No information is shared without parental consent. Signed consent will be requested. 

The only exception to this would be if I felt a vulnerable person/child was at risk of significant harm, in this case the Local Authority would be notified of my concerns. This would usually be discussed with parents beforehand if deemed safe. 

Any information shared electronically or emails to other services with be done either without any identifiers (to protect a person’s identity) or will be password protected.



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy and data protection regulation in the European Union effective from May 25 2018.

The GDPR imposes new obligations on organisations that control or process personal data and introduces new rights and protections for EU citizens.

I am committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.


You have a right to access your information at any time. Unless legal reasons prevent me from doing so. Any information request will be done within one month and can be discussed with you.



Any data security breaches will be reported to the Information commissioner and to you within 72hours of the breach.


Date; 2.2.2021

Review Date Feb. 2022

This is a Privacy notice for Jodie Smitten, Autism Specialist


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