Autistic Masking


These resources are designed to be accessed by professionals, educators,  parents and more, with the aim of supporting and understanding masking in autistic children. Please do share this webpage link to those who you feel would benefit.

Masking Blog; Free

But they have no 'problems' in school!

This blog was inspired by both personal and professional experiences of autistic children.

This blog went viral when released and has been shared by many parents with their child's school to help gain support for their struggling child.





DR Pooky Podcast/Video;  Free

Following the success of the blog I was invited by DR Pooky Knightsmith of Creative Education to talk about my thoughts and experience's around autistic masking.   (Video) (Podcast)









Masking Webinar with Kieran Rose: £15

Autistic Masking; The Basics and Beyond.

This webinar was developed by Kieran (The Autistic Advocate) and myself. 

This offers a deep insight into the how's and whys of autistic masking.

An ideal piece of CPD for all professionals supporting autistic children.



Autistic Masking for schools; Free with trial!

Following my talk with Dr Pooky, I was commissioned by Creative Education to offer an introduction to masking aimed at schools. this is an on demand short course ideal for all educators.



Masking Thoughts & Facts

Its vital  that anyone supporting an autistic child has full understanding of the causes and implications of masking.

Masking is rarely a choice and often a subconscious survival strategy.

The mask can present in numerous different ways and one persons mask can change according to the environment/people around them.

Masking is often dismissed as many don't realise how intense the need to mask can be.

However, every effort should be made to ensure school is as comfortable and supportive as possible to avoid after school collapse.

Academic Writings & Papers

An essay written as part completion of my MA Autism with Sheffield Hallam University

This essay is 5000 words and discusses why autistic masking should be documented within the NICE guidelines. The essay focuses on the impact of masking on the mental health of autistic children. This assignment received a merit grading.

Research Paper; Pearson & Rose 2021
A Conceptual Analysis of Autistic Masking: Understanding the Narrative of Stigma and the Illusion of Choice

Looking at the narratives in research about Autistic Masking, where the gaps are and what the problems are.

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